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Good Food and Kindness for All

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Plant-based, earth-friendly, centered on kindness.

Kind Food launched in 2018 with the goal of bringing healthy, delicious food (and a healthy dose of compassion) to the growing plant-based, vegan and plant-curious community in Kansas City. We believe strongly in our vision to perpetuate kindness, and it bleeds into every aspect of our business. We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives and minds of our customers and the community.

Our food is 100% plant-based and both locally-sourced and organic whenever possible. We are committed to ethical food sourcing and resource quality. Our food containers and utensils are environmentally friendly and compostable. This includes both meal packaging and catering supplies. We can even support your earth-friendly event with specialized waste containers and signage. We support community programs that encourage people-, animal- and earth-friendly practices. Soon, we’ll be launching our Kind Club, which organizes community involvement and volunteer opportunities.


Our guiding principles

Kindness to

Animals are our fellow earthlings—sentient beings filled with life, driven to survive and reproduce, with the ability to build attachments and feel pain. They are our friends and we choose each day to protect and honor them by serving a 100% plant-based vegan menu and sourcing ethical ingredients. We are committed to building partnerships with suppliers who care just as much as we do about our fellow earthlings.

Kindness to
the planet

Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to environmental damage and climate change. By eliminating demand for animal products, we can make a massive impact on the future of this planet. In addition, we work to conserve natural resources and utilize food containers that are compostable, biodegradable and/or recyclable. We also develop partnerships with sustainable companies which help us reduce waste.

Kindness to
each other

Compassion is a key ingredient to a happy life and forward progress. We know kindness is contagious, so we start at the window by providing positive customer experiences and we encourage everyone we meet to pass it on. We believe in non-judgement and progress over perfection. We partner with community programs aimed at supporting those in need and we believe that together we can create positive change.